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We all have an inner artist and Christmas is a time to embrace that which we normally wouldn’t, so whether you have an art curious loved one, or full blown artist, we have some great ideas on what to pick them up this year! 

Conte Colouring PencilsLife In Watercolour

Colouring books are all the rage right now, not just for kids, for us adults too!  Of course colouring in is a great past time, but as a grown up you are going to want a medium that works better than a cheap pack of felt tip pens.  

BIC Conté 12 Pack of Colouring Pencils are a great set that double as waterolours.  The vibrant hues will allow you to create the most beautiful images, obtaining more depth of colour by using the brush tat is included, to turn your work into a watercolour piece of art! They even come presented in a snazzy metal tin! 

Available for £5.99

The Superhero Comic Kit

SuperheroComicKitEvery kid wants to be a superhero and they all love comic books, for those who are artistic and enjoy drawing, then this could be the greatest present ever! 

The Superhero Comic Kit is an A3 imagination station that will help the recipient make 10 of their very own 8 page comic books, featuring superheroes and villains right from out of their own mind!  Right from the first page the book has step by step instructions for your budding artist follow, tips and prompts.

The comics include titles like The Secret Base Is Under Attack and The Doomsday machine, there are even two comics that are completely blank – one for their superhero boy and one for their superhero girl.  Imagination is really the only limit they will face.  Each of the completed books can be taken from the kit and assembled like real ones! 

The kit also comes with over 100 brightly coloured stickers that will only add to the creativity.  All the kids need to do is bring their pens and pencils, some glue, tape, a pair of scissors and an eraser, the rest is up to them! 

Available from Laurence King Publishing for £12.95

Colouring for Contemplation by Amber Hatch

with illustrations by Alex Ogg

ColouringForContemplation_UK_MiniJOne of the incredible benefits of colouring for grown ups, is the ability for it to help you relax and take some time to contemplate.  You find quite quickly that your mind wanders and you are in a world of your own.

Colouring for Contemplating is divided into three parts – Mindfulness, Insight and Inspiration.  Each of the lovely images that have been printed for you to colour, comes with a quotation to help focus your meditation and each section has questions to help you get the most out of your colouring journey.

Available from Watkins Publishing for £6.99

Despicable Me Jumbo Activity Set

Whether you love or hate the little yellow creatures that have swept the nation this year, you know that the kids will!  Minions are so popular right now and we have an absolutely fantastic art set that is completely Minion themed.

The set contains everything needed for hours of Minion themed creative fun…banana.  Included in this exciting Jumbo Art Kit is:

  • 879426414 Coloured Pencils
  • A3 Scene
  • 10 Chunky Felt Tipped Pens
  • 11 Wax Crayons
  • 14 Oil Pastels
  • 6 A5 Standees
  • 2 A5 Reusable Sticker Sheets
  • A sharpener
  • 2 Self Inking Stampers

This is a great gift to get kids drawing and colouring this Christmas with some of their favourite characters.

Available from Lloyds Pharmacy 

For All Ages

Colouring is all the rage this year and not just for the kids as you have seen us mention above. STABILO are a fantastic brand to check out for Christmas gift ideas and here is why…


WoodyThe Multi-Talented Pencil set is perfect for little hands as they are big, chunky and super easy to grip and the XXL pencil lead means that the pencils easily colour in large areas.  They are quite special though as they do not just work as colouring pencils, nope they are also water colours and wax crayons all in one.  A gorgeous spectrum of colours, stunning intensity of colour and they even come with a child friendly sharpener.

The true magic comes when you realise they can write, colour and draw on any surface (easily removable as they are water soluble) – glass, paper, dark paper, metal and leather! 

Available from STABILO from £11.95

Grown Ups

St_17644_8825-062_AssortMany of the adult colouring books have intricate, detailed designs and they aren’t always suited to standard, run of the mill colouring pens. STABILO  Point 88 Fine-line Roller sets are just the ticket for this as each of the pens have a 0.4mm wide nib and contain an fantastic 30 different colours in a wide ranging, beautiful spectrum of colours.  

They are available from STABILO for £32.70

Paintastics Paint By Numbers

Pirate Ship & Treasure Island

Get kids into art at an early age with Paintastics Pirate Ship & Treasure Island Paint By Numbers.  Complete with two pre-framed pictures and hangers and 8 Paintastics Washable Paint Brush Pens.

This set will shiver their little timbers as they colour in the booty with the special pens that are already filled with paint, meaning there is no mess, no fuss and no clean up, just pure colouring enjoyment.

All the kids have to do is match the numbers on the picture to the numbers on the pens and slowly their work of art will come together, resulting in a veritble masterpiece for you to display proudly in your home.

Available from Galt for £5.99

Doh Vinci

image001Aside from having the best play on words name going, the Doh Vinci set from Play-Doh will have wannabe artists aged 6 and up embracing their inner Da Vinci and creating their very own masterpieces, that is not all though, because one they have been created they are able to be displays on the Doh Vinci platform that lights up! 

In the bx you get the platform, a vase, a bowl, stands, frames and discs, as well as a Play-Doh gun and Play-Doh paints, all that needs to be added is the imagination of your child (not you, this is for the kids)3 AA batteries and lots of fun! 

With a range of colours, a helpful guide and even more inspiration on their website, the Doh Vinci kit from Play-Doh is perfect for creative children this year! 

Lost Ocean

Lost OceanArt is not just limited to painting and drawing, colouring, as mentioned above is huge right now and it is an extremely therapeutic practice for adults.  Lost Ocean is a stunning new colouring book by Johanna Basford, who also created the world wide best sellers, Enchanted Forest and Secret Garden.  

This enchanting colouring book features pages and pages of beautiful, hand drawn illustrations depicting the underwater world and life on the high seas.  The intricate, detailed images will provide hours of enjoyment and relaxation as you bring them to life with colour.


Journey across the waves in pirate ships, delve into the ocean and search for their treasure, visit oral reefs and play with the marine life.  There is a multitude of pictures for you to colourise, all you need is a few pens and some imagination.

Available from Ebury for £12.99

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