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There are a few people who spend their lives deep in thought or jotting down notes, well this Christmas we have those covered with a few fabulous gifts to spoil them with!

Do You KnowDo You Know Who You Are? by Megan Kaye

Aimed at teenage girls, but more than acceptable for the young women, Do You Know Who You Are? is a fun book that takes the reader on a journey of discovery to find their identity.

Asking questions, posing scenarios and looking at what makes the reader happy, this book aims to fill them with the self confidence that only comes from knowing exactly who you are.  It is a journal of sorts and will get them to fill out questionnaires, complete activities, analyze dreams, understand the choices they make, all in a brightly coloured and engaging format that will be a keepsake for many years to come!

Available from DK Books for £9.99 if is a great present!

FabrianoBoutique_EcoQua Diaries_2015EcoQua Diary

In a vibrant range of five colours in red, orange, lime, wine and blue, the EcoQua Diary is a bright and cheerful, yet extremely useful present to give this year.

Made from the highest quality materials and secured with an elastic, the Fabriano 2014 weekly diary will allow the recipient of this wonderful gift too keep themselves organised for the year ahead.

The diary comes complete with a world map, international festival dates and a calendar for 2015 – 2016.  Each double page view is for one week, with a planner to the back and an address book.

Available from Fabriano Boutique for £8.07

My HolidayMy Holiday

Another great addition to the Rant and Rave journals collection. My holiday is similar to my school, however for a different area. We all have days on holiday when everything goes wrong. When everything we try and do just goes to pot, so the “rant” section of the journal would be perfect for this. But then like anything, we have those great memories, the days we never want to end, so the “rave” side of things gets a look in also. These journals really capture every part of the subject, with great prompting questions, things you would probably forget to write down, great for capturing those memories, good and bad.

Classic Cuts A5 Notebook

With the stylish cut out that is reminiscent of designs from Asian shores, this notebook is beautifully accented with a bright, vibrant pop of neon colour.  It is sure to inspire creative thoughts and daydreams that can be captured and treasured forever.

Available for £4.99 from Rooi.

LietzLeitz A5 Style Notebook

Notebooks are loved by many and for a number of reasons, not just practical notebooks provide a blank platform to start something new, to write a book, keep a journal, note appointments, make random jots, sketch, remember important events and probably a thousand other reasons.  Notebook symbolise a fresh start, a new beginning, the endless possibilities that lay ahead.

For all the different uses a notebook can have there are as many sizes and styles of them.  Leitz A5 Style Notebook is what some might call a high end one.  The satin soft cover in a range of colours is simplistic but elegant and accented by a contrasting elasticated band, to keep the pages of this notebook secure.

Inside the immediate sense of high quality and excellence is continued with the wonderful 100gsm paper, lined for precision writing but not with such dark lines that sketches are out of the question.  To keep your place there are two ribbons that coordinate with the cover and elasticated band.  The final few pages are not just blank for whatever use you may find for them, but also perforated so they can be easily removed if needs be.  Inside both the front and back covers are expandable pockets for receipts, keepsake, loose pieces of paper or anything that needs a safe place to reside.  The final and quite honestly perfect finishing touch to this fabulous notebook are two pads of coordinating sticky notes that can be found on the inside back cover.

Perfect for the notebooks lover or just someone who needs on, this is sure to please and is available from Amazon for £22.28.


My School

My school journal with a twist is a new type of journal. One side you can write about school life from a “ranty” perspective and then  flip it over and write from a “rave” perspective. You can note down everything about school life from completely different perspectives and create a really unique journal to keep over the years. This journal with a twist would make a really great and unique gift for any budding writer. You can rave about the aspects of school you love and rant about the subjects you really can’t stand. perfect for those days when you just need to let rant and let go.

Memory StickMemory Stick by Polly Smart

‘Fill this journal with memories to create a record
of who you are and what makes you tick.
Download your brain into MEMORY STICK’

A fantastic book that invites you to jot down, sketch, collect, doodle and glue your memories and happenings into its very pages.  It doesn’t just help create a record you your life over the time you use it, but the simple act of writing something down will help keep it firmly in your memory.

From recording train journey’s and birthday cards to squashed grapes in supermarkets while shopping and autographs of unsuspecting celebrities, Polly Smart encourages you to detail your life and treasure it for years to come.

Published by Summersdale Publishers and available from all good bookshops and internet sellers, the Memory Stick by Polly Smart is just £8.99.

Mindful IntentionsMindful Intentions by Louie Swartzberg & Miraval

For those seeking inner peace, tranquillity and relaxation, for thinkers who need time to reflect, Mindful Intentions is a good choice.  A book packed full of stunning, beautiful photography and inspiring quotes.  Each image is truly more spectacular than the last.  The book also comes with a DVD that is filled with the cinematography of Louie Swartzberg which is nothing short of breathtaking, adding yet another way in which to reflect.

The book was produced with Miraval who have a simple vision: ‘life is more meaningful and enjoyable when physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and intellectual components are in harmony.’

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