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Having your first real experience of fighting to get the right toy in time for Christmas is daunting. Young Children always enjoy shopping and girls know exactly what they want to put on their list to Father Christmas – Helped along no end by the adverts on television of course! Kids don’t need any encouragement or gentle persuasion in a different direction, because that would not happen! They know what they want and it’s a parents job to make sure we do too!

There were the Singing ‘Frozen’ dolls which were right at the top of many a list! One of the biggest grossing Disney films of all time, ‘Frozen’ fever hit houses all over. We shops having sold out all over, getting this much loved doll was a mission. Tip of the iceberg?

Children up and down the country had set theirs hearts on a pink Teksta dog. Not a blue one and not a brown one but a pink one! Which tends to be the way with children these days.

With that being said, here are some of the top picks from Hamleys Toy Shop this year.

Hamley’s had 40 of their top picks on display and after careful perusing, playing and putting through their paces we have chosen our favourites from their list!

First up has to be the ‘Frozen’ toys again! Yep, it might have been last year’s biggie but there’s not a little girl of a certain age I know of who isn’t still a mega fan! The first Disney film ever made which shows you don’t need a man to rescue you is still going from strength to strength and we know these two new additions to the Frozen collection are going to be mega hits!

Hamleys Toys 1

Something else which caught our eyes almost immediately was the ‘Little Live Pets’! Perfect for the purse strings at an absolute snip yet super fun to play with! Interactive and cute with bright colours; we could see these appealing to both boys and girls!

Hamleys Toys 2

For ournext few choices we’re going with the interactive! New doll Cayla comes to life with the help of a tablet or smart phone and can answer any questions your child asks her using Google! Of course there are lots of words blocked and you even have the option to block anything else you’d like too! When she’s not on line she still works as she has masses of phrases already in her memory. This, we predict, is going to be THE hit of the season for girls!

The boys might prefer Xeno, the cheeky interactive baby monster! He has snot coming out of his nose and EVERYTHING! And how could we write something about interactive toys and not mention Teksta again! This time it’s a Teksta dinosaur and for those of you who already have the puppy, like us, they can be best friends and interact with each other!

Hamleys Toys 3

Boys toys up next and the serpent roller coaster certainly had every little lad in the room with eyes firmly fixed! A bit of a beefy price tag so not one for everyone but definitely VERY cool! The T Rex room guard could be lots of fun for scaring parents with a more friendly budget and with Transformers being such a huge movie hit, the toys are sure to not be far behind on little boy’s lists!

We absolutely loved the helicopter from this display! It will never crash! Even if you put the controls down it will land itself safely and as for the Real FX Racing, what boy (or Dad for that matter) doesn’t like a bit of car racing?!

Hamleys Toys 4

Back in the girlie territory and Barbie is still evolving. She now comes with hair styling tools, to curl and create some amazing looks, no heat required!

We couldn’t leave a baby and buggy off the list and the one here would be really great for a tiny tot as it’s just the right size and shapes for littler hands, while the older girls will love the Doh Vinci Style! Decorating the vanity mirror with a special tool filled with dough would appeal to most little girls – heck, even wehad fun giving it a whirl!

Last but not least in this section comes two soft toys, one from the Palace Pet’s range and the other from Sofia the First – both Disney, both Princess related, both a sure hit!

Hamleys Toys 5

What else did we see that we liked? Well, the Hamleys very own Traditionals range is lovely quality and for a younger baby absolutely perfect! I thought a robot that waits on you might be fun for any aged child and for a superb stocking filler I can highly recommend the Chill Factor Squeeze Cup Ice Cream Maker!

Hamleys Toys 6

While we were in Hamleys we were treated to a ‘Luvley Personalised Necklace’ which are exclusive to the store! We couldn’t help getting one ourselves, they are just so super cool!

Hamleys Toys 7

And talking of cool that is where we will leave you with our final choice! The Razor Crazy Cart is literally something else! It has a mighty high number after the pound sign but is amazing fun to go with it! We raced round the store on one almost taking several people out whilst we skidded round corners and tried to get to top speed – it can go 12mph! It has a battery which will last for 40 minutes of continuous use and if we were being bought a go kart this Christmas then this is the one we’d be opting for! MEGA fun!



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