Christmas Last Minute Guides – A Short Guide to Mouses



Touchpads (Laptops)

Laptop users or if there is a plan to buy someone a Laptop – we suggest a mouse.  Most touch pads have a limited use for people who use the computer for its basic uses.

So if you have a touch pad – going from one side of the screen to the other – takes a while. How about dragging and holding from one side of the screen to the other (double the time).


Present Giving –

What if the person is a kid/kid at heart – a mouse is needed for even the most PC Gaming and will increase the speeds of getting work done.


Wireless Mouses

We got the opportunity to try out the Wireless Mobile 3500 Mouse.

It is great – it has a vibrant multicolor design with a clear defined finish. So wireless mice come with USB connector to stick in  and it has a need for batteries.  We have tried out two budget mice along side this review mouse and the review mouse is allot slower on the battery consumption.

It’s wheelscroller in between the buttons is an added bonus – with other basic mouses not having that functionality.




This mouse is currently £29.99 at Currys/PC World and other electronic stores. (prices may vary).


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