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If you have been a long time gamer then you may remember Chip’s Challenge, which was around in the late 80’s and early 90’s  Chuck’s Challenge is the descendent of Chip’s, Chuck Sommerville, the creator said,

Chuck’s Challenge 3D is very reminiscent of the game James Pond, if anyone remembers that.  Essentially a puzzler, the game challenges the player to get from point A to point B, but this is not as straightforward as it at first might seem.

ScreenShot2014-10-20at20.08.26Of course you also have the task of collecting certain items along the way, that enable you to finish the level.  The path is littered with obstacles that must be overcome in order to reach the goal and part of each conundrum is finding out how each hurdle relates to the bigger picture.   It could be a button that moves a wall, but that wall may release a little critter that wants to knock you off of your feet.  Seeing the bigger picture is what gets you from A to B.

Each level is also timed and upon finishing each level you are awarded a medal for how fast you completed it.  As the game progresses you have the ability to undo mistakes and move back in time, but this costs you valuable time and if you are a medal hunter those seconds are precious!



“It’s been 25 years since I originally designed Chip’s Challenge.  
Over the last 6 months we’ve rebuilt Chuck’s Challenge 3D
and Flummery is the icing on the cake.
It includes the content that fans have been requesting for over two decades.”
 CC3D Infographic CC to CC3D

The Flummery is an update made to Chucks Challenge that gives fans of the series lots of features that they have been asking for over the years, including:

  • +1 Flummery Bundle a tougher set of 25 levels with a new background
  • +2 Hats instead of just one when you complete Flummery
  • +3 Tracks to listen to in-game while playing Flummery
  • +12 Game Elements with 7 additional game objects and 5 new pets:
  • Steam Workshop integration letting players discover & discuss levels they create
“Chip’s Challenge was based on a 32×32 grid,
whereas Chuck’s Challenge 3D allows a 100×100 board with even more Game Elements.
So it’s thrilling to play some of the complex levels that are being created by the community.
Some are truly epic.”
Cuck Sommerville




The game is really fun and engaging, appealing to all ages with the brightly coloured graphics and puzzle play.  It is a straightforward game in that the mechanics are easy to understand, but it will challenge the grey matter to really think.  Moving blocks, skating on ice and avoiding enemies, the fun gets harder but still keeps you hooked!

Priced at £9.99, usually, at the moment it is just £1.74 on Steam!

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