Today we take a look at the second of our World Cinema picks this week.  If you missed our first article yesterday featuring The Cinema Hold Up, then please do nip over and have a read.


Clash is a raw, gritty and gripping film that retells the true story of two brothers, Richard and Raymond who live in the slums of Davao in the Philippines.  Richard is the head of a gang in Davao and his younger brother is being recruited into a rival gang.  At first this appears to be no real problem, aside from being rival gangs, but their family is stretched to its absolute maximum when the brothers quickly realise that they have to choose between their bond as brothers or loyalty to the gangs when Raymond is ordered to kill Richard as part of his initiation.  

6162Both brothers are caught in the unwavering grip of crime and cycle of violence, meaning the decision for them to run, to escape together is easier said than done in a city controlled by the gangs.  The dark and deadly streets of Davao hold a multitude of challenges and danger for the siblings, not least of all is the corrupt mayor who refuses to loosen his hold on the city.

Heart pounding, fast-paced action gives a frightening look into the realities of life for these two teenage boys who are fighting for each other and for their lives.  It has been hailed as a realistic representation of life in the slums, something that only adds gravitas to the film and how it impacts on the audience.

164435-Clash-sleve.inddClash is available on DVD from 8th February 2016 and is filmed in Filipino with English Subtitles, courtesy of Simply Media £12.99


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