Cobain: Montage of Heck



‘The first fully authorised documentary about the iconic musician, from acclaimed filmmaker Brett Morgen’

Ever since the 8th April 1994 when the world heard the tragic news of the death of one of the most influential, and already legendary musicians of modern times, rumours have abounded about just what happened on the 5th April 1994 when Kurt Cobain, Nirvana front-man, died.

Until now fans and media have been rife with speculation about just what happened, conspiracy theories and accusations have flown about without any definitive conclusion.  There have been documentaries and books, all claiming something different, something untoward.  

Cobain still 2Now Brett Morgen has been given unprecedented access to family videos, Kurt’s notebooks and personal recordings, as well as interviews with those closest to the man himself.  

A powerful, intense and emotional insight into the icon’s life, Cobain: Montage of Heck is almost narrated by Kurt from beyond the grave.  We see the journey he took from Aberdeen, Washington, to the incredible heights of fame that he and his band mates reached.  

At times it is visceral, raw and unapologetic, showing Kurt as a man, a friend, a husband and a father, but it doesn’t shy away from the problems he had and the difficulty he found reconciling himself with the fame and adoration.  Hard hitting and authentic, the film explores a life that ended all too soon when Kurt took his own life, it provides a look into his inner most thoughts and feelings, leaving you with an understanding that until now was hard to grasp. An understanding that this genius of grunge was a troubled soul.

Kurt Cobain defined a generation with his music, Cobain: Montage of Heck is part of the legacy he leaves behind.  Honest and at times heart wrenching, this is a must watch for any fan.


Cobain 3D Blu-ray packshotCOBAIN: Montage of Heck is released on Digital Download from 24th April, and Blu-ray and DVD from 27th April 2015.


  • Title:                            COBAIN: Montage of Heck
  • Release Date:              BD and DVD 27th April 2015/ Digital HD 24TH April 2015
  • Rating:                         15
  • Running time:              132 mins   
  • Bonus (DVD & BD)      Don Cobain Interview (5 mins) & Director Interview (12 mins)
  • Retailer SKUs:                         DVD £21.99 / BD £26.99
  • Film Copyright:           © 2015 End of Movie LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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