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CoffeeEasy, the manual filter coffee brewing and storage station

The station

Small, compact and self confined with no need for electric. What more do you need to enjoy a freshly brewed filter coffee? The answer is  a CoffeeEasy brewing and storage station. Simple to use, yet it makes an authentic filter coffee for that caffeine hit in the morning.

The brew 

The unit came with Haute Culture 100% freshly ground arabica coffee from Making the brew was simple. Boil the kettle, set the filter paper in the holder, rinse filter paper. This helps because it means the kettle water has cooled enough to make that all important brew. Scoop some of the provided coffee into the filter, run the kettle water over the coffee, and watch the magic happen. Freshly brewed coffee drips into the cup and your ready to go. Your early morning caffeine hit is ready. 

Is it for you?

Are you a coffee connoisseur, a pour-over fan, an aeropress addict, a self confessed Java geek, coffee snob, barista or gadget lover. If you are, then I can highly recommend the CoffeeEasy manual filter coffee brewing and storage unit.


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And the best things about the CoffeeEasy unit, no electric required and it stores easily away until you need that next caffeine hit

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