Coffin Dodgers


Forget the high paced, high octane racing games that you are used to and meet your new favourite, laugh out loud, track game that oozes character and lots of fun.

The Game

The quiet, sleepy and quite frankly serene retirement village Sunny Pines, is about to take on a whole new life as the residents turn to racing each other and trying to out race Death himself on a variety of tracks set in the picturesque retirement home.  Before you envisage a bunch of old aged pensioners lining up at the starting line, numbers on their chests and jogging on the spot to warm up their muscles.  Stop.  Our fantastic characters, the residents of Sunny Pines have discovered a much better way to face off against each other, using their mobility scooters.

The Residents

1You can pick whichever feisty silver surfer you wish from:

  • Jeremiah ‘The Hawk’ Brenneman
  • Lucy ‘Legs’ Hernandez
  • Professor Percival Chase III
  • Wilbur ‘Softball’ Williams
  • ‘Marvelous’ Martha Goldberg
  • Rudolf ‘The Red Horn’ Hoffman
  • ‘Iron Horse’ Hank Hudson
  • Grim ‘Soul Harvester’ Reaper – unlockable character as the game progresses


Each comes with their own advantages and you will have plenty of time to get to know your resident and kit out the mobility scooter so that you and it are the fastest old coot on the block! 


2Milky Tea Studios (rather aptly named we thought) and Wales Interactive have created a number of modes for your racing pleasure:

  • Single Player Story Mode – includes races and challenges
  • 2 -4 split screen multiplayer mode
  • 3D Open world – Crazy Granddad Mode

Each of the characters can not only have their mobility scooters upgraded, but they also get an array of weapons to chose from so that you can bash your geriatric competitors.  Watch out for the power ups as you whiz around the tracks, they can add some extra oomph to your octane fueled racing days. 


Our Verdict


Pimp your ride, grab the power ups and avoid death in what is a fantastic Mario Kart-esque, hilarious racing game.  We has so much fun racing around Sunny Pines, it was laugh out loud hilarity too, not to mention it has quirky graphics and fun filled campaign mode.  We really can’t fault the game at all, a solid 5/5 from us!






Title: Coffin Dodgers
Developer: Milky Tea
Publisher: Wales Interactive
Release Date: 3rd May (PlayStation 4), 6th May (Xbox One)
Genre: Racing, Action
Price (PlayStation 4): £9.49, $11.99, €11.99
Pice (Xbox One): £9.59, $11.99, €11.99

PS Store Link:

5 out of 5

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