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We got a chance to review some healthy drink alternatives from Coldpress….


About Coldpress

Coldpress is the pioneer company who introduced the HPP method (high pressure and cold temperatures) to preserve their drinks, whereas most juices can be pasteurised up to nine times before they hit the shelves! The Coldpress method locks in flavour and nutrients so that the juice retains the varietal character of the fruit. A sip of the Coldpress Pink Lady Apple juice tastes as crisp as a bite from the apple itself! The Coldpress method also retains more nutrients so that, for example, only 125ml of Coldpress Apple & Lemon juice with a dash of chilli contains 100% or your recommended daily intake of Vitamin C!
Coldpress does a variety of fruit and veg flavours, we got the chance to try three Apple flavours:
·Coldpress Granny Smith Apple juice
·Coldpress Pink Lady Apple juice
·Coldpress Apple & Lemon juice with  a dash of chilli

Coldpress Granny Smith Apple juice

Quote on the Bottle – “Magnificently sharp, refreshing and citrussy taste of Granny Smith Apples”

Our Thoughts – Agreed. It has that sharpness that a Granny Smith apple has especially on that initial taste. It has a great sealed in flavour. Even after a day we could taste the full flavour.

Coldpress Pink Lady Apple juice

Quote on the Bottle – “Unique and distinctive sweet, piquant and aromatic taste of Pink Lady Apples.”

Our Thoughts – Have to say we  had not eaten many Pink Lady Apples but it wants us to eat more. Good sweet flavour and smells great too.

Coldpress Apple & Lemon juice with  a dash of chilli

Quote on the Bottle – “Smooth, sweet and succulent apple nectar, finished with refreshing, zesty lemon with a hint of chilli.”

Our Thoughts – Initial Tastes makes this drink feel confused. It starts with a apple and lemon kick then follows a chilli aftertaste.  Its not for us but dam the flavour kicks in it. It is packed with flavour.


Available at Tesco and Waitrose.  Currently available at £2.79 a bottle.

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