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Plenty of people have embraced the new trend of colouring for adults. not being able to get enough of their colouring books and pens, then there are some who think it is utterly ridiculous. We think the latter group of people ought to grab themselves a colouring book, pick up a felt tipped pen and relax a little! Colouring for adults is fantastic and we love it!

In such a short space of time, this new craze has grown from just one or two books on the market to a veritable library of pattern containing books to choose from. At the same time, the type of pages on offer for our colouring pleasure has also progressed from the basic geometric patterns and pretty little designs, to something altogether on another level. We have picked out three incredible publications from Laurence King to share with you over the next couple of weeks.  First up is…


birdtopia_final_uk_cover_1Daisy Fletcher’s Birdtopia is a breathtaking book created just for colouring.  Forget the thick, bold lines and basic detail of kid’s colouring books, forget the themes of a basic nature and printing on sugar paper, because Birdtopia will transport you to an entirely different world of colouring.

Birdtopia is a land filled with everything you might imagine in nature, but without the constraints of life as we know it.  Giant flowers, miniature birds and flora from every corner of the world.  This black and white expanse is lacking in colour, colour that is just waiting to spill out of your imagination and onto the some 70 odd pages of the book.  

Incredibly beautiful and striking, the panels are all brimming with detail and a sense of the exotic.  If you find yourself stuck for inspiration, find your way to the center of the book where you will find eight elegantly decorated pages using some of the most delicate and pretty shades around.  These can be, much like your own colouring work, be pulled from the book and framed, the art work is simply that exquisite.

Birdtopia by Daisy Fletcher is available from Laurence King for £12.95


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