Come Back Zombie Week…You Know Like a Zombie Does!


We miss Zombie Week so much that we decided to say good bye with a few of our favourite movie that we urge you to watch.

Brain dead AKA Dead alive in NA

Peter Jackson’s cult classic is a zombie gore-fest black comedy masterpiece.

Lionel falls for a local shop girl. They go for a date to a zoo and are stalked by Lionel’s interfering and controlling Mother. Hiding in bushes and snooping, she stands too near a cage of rat monkeys and gets bitten. Due to his mother falling ill and seeming having a dose of lepracy, Lionel has to abandon his love interest to care for her. As Lionel’s Mother’s condition worsens and she tries to bite Lionel, he relocates her to the basement.

Undeterred, Lionel’s love interest goes after Lionel and creeps up to the house and the two unite.

Lionel informs the locals his Mother has died so Lionel recieves unexpected guests. His Uncle. Here to try to claim his late sister’s estate he starts to look for thing’s of intrest. Upon opening the celler door he is greeted by a flesh craving sister.

Lionel has the funeral at the house. This is a recipe for disaster as when brother and sister are released the guests are on the menu. Lionel and Paquita fight for their survival and use an array of innovative weapons.

Brain Dead is a riot of fun with spitting image-esque low budget props to gallons of blood and guts along with an awesome karate expert priest.


28 days later

Arguably not actual zombies, but there is still a crave for human flesh, so technically zombies!

Danny Boyle was one of the first directors to make the notourious slow moving creatures fast. But then the whole movie is fast paced and you may have to watch it twice to see what you missed the first time round.

This film showcases how fast infection can be spread from one person.

Testing is being done on Chimpanzees. Animal rights activists break into to the facility and free them despite forewarning of their danger. A lady is bitten and infected and in turn spreads the infection to others.

Fast forward 28 days later the main actor wakes from a coma in hospital to find there is a pandemic everywhere.

28 days later follows a small group of uninfected and their fight for survival.

It is a realistic hard hitting triumph that changed the rules of the zombie genre.


Dawn of the dead 1978

From the incredible mind of the Grand Father of zombie films George A Romero.

An unknown plague causes the dead to rise from the graves and take to the city’s and countryside.

A group of survivors band together and take refuge in a shopping mall, thought to be a safe strong hold the dead force their way through the defences and obstacles to hunt their source of food.

This still remains to be one of all time best zombie films ever made. Absolute brilliance and a must see.


Day of the dead 1985

Another masterpiece from George A Romero.

Day of the dead starts of in a woman’s nightmare where arms break through the walls to pull her apart.

When she wakes you see that the world has gone to hell.

The lady along with a small team of people look for other survivors and a cure.

Hordes of zombies force them to find safety in an underground army base.

Tests are being carried inside the base and they are shocked to discover what is going on.

The scientists are trying to reverse engineer the virus and they have had positive responses from a zombie they name Bub. The scientist puts his life at risk tempting Bud to eat him to see how he reacts.

A zombie breaks free from his restraints and takes out two sentry men allowing access to zombies that have found an access tunnel into the facility.


Night of the living dead 1990

Another of George A Romero’s brain child’s re-made and in colour.

Brother and sister are visiting their Mother’s grave when one of them is attacked by a zombie.

The sister makes a run for it and finds these creatures are at every turn and shelter.

She meets a man at a house and the two clear out the dead.

The two aren’t the only people in the house as they discover living people in the basement.

The group make barricades in the house and fit for their survival from the wave after wave of zombies trying to break in.


Return of the living dead 1985

One of the first zombie films I ever saw.

It was on TV one day and I told my Mom this is a really good film, i’ve seen it before (which I had but in parts).

She made me watch it and it terrified me.

After a trailer hits a bumpy road a toxic cannister it was carrying falls off and rolls down a hill and lands inside a sewage pipe. Some youths find the cannister and start to mess with it. They see a horrible creature inside it through a piece of glass then gas starts to escape from it.

The gas get’s airborne and mixes with rain clouds. It starts to rain and the acid type rain smothers the city in water. The dead rise from their graves with a craving for brains.

I now find this film almost black comedy nowadays, it hasn’t aged well and has some terrible acting. But it is still an absolute classic!



Black zombie comedy set in the 1950s.

Radiation from space turns people into zombies. To try to control them they are fitted with collars, suppressing their hunger for flesh. The living use this to their advantage using them as pets and servants, Fido being one of them..

Fido’s collar malfunctions enabling him to desire flesh again.


Shaun of the dead

Excellent British Zom-com where zombies begin to appear from nowhere. Two friends make a plan to save an ex girlfriend grab their Mom, whack the boyfriend and take refuge in their favourite local pub. A sound plan.

Full of laughs gore and awkward moments it’s an absolute blast start to finish.


Warm bodies

Far away from being one of the best zombies movies ever, but this really did surprise me, I quite enjoyed it and would recommend it to others.

A film from the Zombies perspective, following his thoughts from the moment he turns.

However meeting and saving the life of a woman on a plane he begins to fall for her. He starts to feel emotions that would be considered impossible. What could this mean?

A very funny and different take on the genre.



A mutated strain of mad cow disease turns people into zombies. Original.

You see a young man walking along a road, he hitches a ride with a mad man who kills zombies as his favourite past time.

On their drive they pick up two young ladies who are heading for a said area of safety. On their way they give each other challenges to see who can get the most zombie kills, the best way to kill them, and they even stop off at Bill Murray’s house on the way.

Cools kills and thrills and all round fun and carnage.


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