Coming Up Rosy


As the flowers are starting to bud and open filling our world with colour once more, we will begin to see roses popping up everywhere.  Aside from making Rose Petal Perfume as a kid, roses actually have some incredible benefits in the world of skin care.  

  1. Anti-Inflammatory
    • It is probably the first thing you think of when roses come to mind, the colour.  The iconic rose is  deep red and considered one of the most desirable types of the flower.  In skin care however we see red as bad – blemishes, spots, blotches and puffiness.  
      In this case roses are pretty useful as when used in skin care they can help reduce to swollen, red areas of the skin, allowing for a more even tone and texture.  This also helps to soothe the effect of swelling, whether it is itchiness, discomfort and so on, instantly calming the skin.
  2. Relaxing
    • The soothing sensation mentioned above is part of the reason that rose is incredibly relaxing.  The aroma of roses has been proven to calm the mind and help ease it into an easier state.  It is believed this could be due to the fact that rose helps the skin detox.  
      Of course the smell of roses, rose oil or rose extract is stunning in its own right.
  3. Cleansing
    • Rose is incredibly good when it comes to cleansing the skin s it is packed with antioxidants and antibacterial elements.  This not only infuses the skin with Vitamin C, but will add a layer of protection to the skin whilst cleaning out those pesky bacteria.
  4. Tones
    • Smoothing the skin and keeping it hydrated, rose is perfect for use in toners.  It allows the suppleness to return to the skin and tightens the pores leaving the skin looking younger, healthier and with a rosy glow.
  5. Moisturising
    • The soothing and calming aspects of using rose in skin care is extended to moisturisers, with the addition of aiding hydration by locking in moisture to the skin.

We have found a new brand called Forever Me x that provide a complete rose infused skin care range with all of the benefits outlined above and we have to say that we are rather taken with them! 

Leaving the skin feeling clean, refreshed and moisturised the Forever Me x Rose Range are beautiful to use and smell stunning.  

calming-rose-cleanerCalming Rose Cleanser

With the aroma of Rose Flower Water, the cleanser is gorgeous on the skin, the thick milky cleanser is cooling, soothing, refreshing and calming.  Simply dampen the face and then massage a small amount into the skin, rinsing off with warm water.  Forever Me x say that if you want to get a little extra exfoliation on he skin, then use a warm face cloth.

Refreshing Rose Toner

Using Rose Flower Water again the toner has the strong rosy aroma, but this time it is much sweeter.  Use after cleansing to amplify the refreshing sensation on the skin.

Enriching Rose and Jojoba Moisturiser

There is an instant feeling of nourishment on the skin using this moisturiser, it is left feeling silky smooth and tremendously hydrated.


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