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At Erisea HQ it is fair to say that there is a bit of a love affair going on with Sunkissed, a cosmetics brand that focuses on bronzing make up that is affordable, without losing any of the quality.  There is something to be said about lustre of shimmering golds and glimmer coppers, they captivate you and the catch the light.  They company also seem to have a knack for incredible presentation, placing their wares on show in the most alluring ways.

But why are we babbling on about this lovely brand in particular?  Well, we think they are perfect for contouring the face.  So, today we are sharing some top contouring tips and fabulous items from the Sunkissed range that will help you achieve the best results.

Top Contouring Tips

  • Working with a contouring ‘kit’ will help get the best results.  You ideally need a dark, medium and light tone.
  • Using the darkest shade in your set and a round brush, slowly follow the contours of the face under the cheekbones and then in a diagonal motion towards the jawline, followed by the sides of the nose if you wish to change the appearance of it.  This creates depth.
  • Take the medium colour and use it in a sweeping motion across the apples of your cheeks.
  • Follow the hairline, down to the jawline and into the corner of the mouth.
  • Now using the lightest of the three tones, you want to highlight your features.  Start with the line underneath your eyebrows, the bridge of the nose, chin, and under the eyes.
  • Add blush to the cheeks, it can be just a small amount too really brighten and define them.
Courtesy of Sunkissed

Courtesy of Sunkissed

Sunkissed Glimmer Compact -Dark

A stunning array of five graduated glimmering tones in one compact, gives you everything you need to get contouring.  With a subtle milky golden hue as the lightest powder and a rich chocolate as the darkest, this is a compact for someone with dark skin.  However the three medium tones, mean that you can mix and blend to achieve the right shades for your skin tone.

The compact is just £4.49

Courtesy of Sunkissed

Courtesy of Sunkissed

Sunkissed Radiance Compact

Today’s top pick, the Sunkissed Radiance Compact is simply fantastic.  The presentation alone is beautiful, but the actual selection of shades within this kit, means it has everything you need to contour, including five tones from a bright, silvery cream, up to a rich chocolate and three golden medium pressed powders.  There is also a gorgeous copper bronzer that will add a healthy glow to your complexion.

This compact holds two little secrets though.  If you look under the lid, there is a lovely small circular mirror, so you can apply your make up on the go, but the real secret is found only when you lift up the palette to reveal a second hidden beneath it.  This palette consists of four glamorous lip glosses that surely cater for every occasion.

The compact is just £4.99

0047062_lSunkissed Eye Palette & Bronzer – Smoky Eyes

If you are not too bothered about in-depth contouring, then this lovely little palette is perfect.  Containing a gorgeous assortment of eyeshadow that will glitz up any look with the incredible pigments, and features two highlighting eyeshadows to accentuate the eyes.  Along with the 8 set palette comes a stunning bronzer disc that is just the ticket when dealing with the depth defining contouring strokes.

The palette is just £5.99

Sunkissed Bronzing Rocks

Courtesy of Sunkissed

Courtesy of Sunkissed

The Sunkissed Bronzing Rock have been handmade, blended to such a standard that every stroke of your make up brush will deliver the perfect amount of beautiful bronzed tint and shimmering flecks, giving you a natural, healthy and radiant glow.

These are great to have in your make up kit for the darker areas of contouring or for a healthy looking tan on your décolletage and face.

They cost just £6.00 per pot

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