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 Its time to serve up another slice of pie in this cooking madness creator in your own restaurant/café. Interested? Read on….


It is time to cook up / serve up a storm in one of the most intensive restaurant sims ever made. We played the first edition to oblivion. We look at the easy to learn game but tough to master games. The journey to being the best chef in the world with a small start on the 50th floor of the Teragon Supertower



Beginning the game as with what happened the first time around – its time for a fresh start in a new space.  Teragon Tower, a blank space with the player able to customise the restaurant to how they want.  Build the restaurant floorplan, choose the carpet and walls or even the menus. Play more to unlock more. Then reach the finale – expect to play 60+ hours if the end is what needed. 

Start from the bottom

Restaurants have to start somewhere, run the restaurant or go to others to pick up tips. Expect the unexpected with 350+ levels spanning 30 restaurants.  Each restaurant will have a specific menu to tailor the experience.
That variety and some co-op
What they took from the first game is now upgraded to a list of over 180 foods, sides, drinks and deserts to choose from.  That variety means no day will be the same when the menu changes or the difficulty goes up a notch. 
The all new split screen co-op feature allows play through the entire game with two players, with the ability for players to drop in and out during your progress within the game. So could the player earn more when they hire an extra hand – maybe, just maybe.


A upgrade to the original with some glossy new features. Like more interactive management style games, consider this the great choice. Restaurant management sim with added cookery. 

4/5 – Good game. 



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