Cooking Tips From Bacofoil


Cooking can be the simplest thing in the world or the hardest, but it is always going to be much simpler when you have some expert cooking tips from Bacofoil!

Place a fresh lemon and herbs in the chicken before roasting to create a delicious

Rest your chicken in foil for 15 mins after roasting to ensure a moist succulent texture.


Lightly toast ciabatta bread and crumb in a food processor to make your own
homemade breadcrumbs for coating your fish-fingers.

BrowniesChocolate brownies

Add some dried sour cherries to your brownies mixture for extra flavour and to keep
them moist.

Use dark, best quality cocoa (or if this is unavailable Bourneville cocoa) when making
your brownies, this will give extra chocolate flavour and a lovely rich colour.


Score the skin of the mackerel before baking – this helps to absorb the flavour and stops
the skin curling too much.

Add delicious flavour to your mackerel by rubbing a mixture of olive oil, lemon, honey
and finely chopped chilli into the skin before wrapping in foil to bake.

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