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Astronomy is a fantastic area of science that explores the sky, celestial objects, space and our universe.  It is a subject that can easily captivate your attention, but even more so the attention of youngsters.  With so much unknown in the universe around us, it is easy to see why it can be such a tremendously interesting subject.  Once you get started you find there is a hunger for more information and what better way to feed that need for knowledge than with a book that is dedicated to the subject and an absolute joy to read.

Suitable for all ages, Cool Astronomy by Malcolm Croft is a book that is filled with 50 incredible facts about the universe and what we might find in it.  It is crammed full of information, exciting experiments and fun little projects to do, all of which will improve your astronomy  skills and widen your horizons.

Learn all about Black Holes, the International Space Station and satellites, alongside finding out how to make your own crater, how to safely view the sun and what you need to create your very own solar system that will help you understand just how big our solar system is! All of this and much, much more is jammed into this extremely fun and accessible book, Cool Astronomy. Accompanied with funky pictures and littered with a whole range of interesting facts and figures, Cool Astronomy is the perfect book for anyone, old or young, that has a keen interest in space.

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