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In this modern and ever changing world we are living in, people are becoming more aware of the way they look. Ask most people now and they want to try to look the best they can and look young as long as possible. Today its not just the whim of the rich and famous, everyday women strive for youth and beauty.

The Cosmetic Practice was established in 2003, it was started by sisters Carole and Julie Cook. To offer Specialised Cosmetic Treatments, cosmetic surgery and professional skincare products.

They are based in the North East of England, working out of Sunderland with all information and products available on Dedicated to skincare, you can get the latest advice, research and technologies.

You can rest assured from buying a product to seeking advice or having a treatment from The Cosmetic Practice, the staff are professionally trained to the highest standards, if you take a look on the website you can see in detail the training and qualifications of the staff, nothing is hidden its all there plainly for you to be able to take a look at.

From Acne treatment to Anti Ageing to website has a comprehensive selection of the top products to start your battle with your skin care concerns.

I was fortunate enough to be able to put some questions to the people that run The Cosmetic Practice.

neostrata-offer-banner_mainWhat prompted you to start the business?

We started the business to offer a unique, exclusive site to sell cosmecuticals word wide which would offer products to address skin care concerns such as acne, roseacea and hyperpigmentation, as well as products with active ingredients to provide excellent skincare regimes which are beyond the beauty counter.

You also offer a range of cosmetic treatments from wrinkle relaxing to chemical peels from qualified practitioners, how do you feel about people that offer these services without being qualified to the same standard? What can go wrong for people if they don’t research and choose a well trained practitioner?

To offer treatments without any appropriate qualifications is extremely dangerous and gives the industry a bad name, treatments should only be carried out by qualified nurses or doctors otherwise results can be disastrous and lead to further scarring problems

What are the main skincare concerns people come to your site for?

The main skincare concerns are acne, anti ageing and pigmentation.

Can well chosen products really offer results when it comes to ageing or is it more of a placebo?

Active ingredients that are present in cosmeceuticals can certainly provide visible results if used correctly over several months.

skinceuticalsSomeone with normal skin comes to you as they are starting to notice the first signs of ageing, where do they start and what products would you recommend as a starting point?

The first signs of ageing can be addressed by following a specific skincare regime such as the Exuvience Age Reverse collection, which is kit for cleansing, day and night moisturiser and an eye cream so it is uncomplicated and is an excellent kit to use to combat the first signs of ageing.

Do you think we are becoming more vain as a society or are we just more aware of the importance of prolonging youthful appearance as we age?

I think society has always been vain it is just highlighted more now, especially with the celebrity culture and more product availability.

Are there any other areas you can see your business moving into?

We may consider branching more into supplements.


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