Cotton Claw – Volutes Album Review


About the Artist

Cotton Claw is more of a project set out to redefine the World of Club Music. It works with 4 French Producers, Lilea Narrative, La Chauve-Souris, YoggyOne and Zeolex.  Each member of Cotton Claw has had a solo career for several years and combining their experience brings it to new heights.

Cotton Claw takes it’s audience into the world of club music and shows off its variety. They tingle the spine of powerful club music, adding a analog synth and spin it with its granular melodies.


About the Album

Cover LP

12 Brand New Tracks to show off what 4 producers can do. Their signature sound is fluffy, granular and yet is powerful and bright. Each producer introduces different elements to create a greatly dynamic album of dance delight.


Our Thoughts

 It contains a great variety. The pacing is different to the average album we get but interesting never the less.  Having heard allot of Dance tracks over the years – it does do what it sets out to. It’s dynamic approach of 4 producer voices to build the tracks differently worked. 

Highlight Tracks

Time Trial – Good beat, good tempo changes and a easy to listen to sound.

Noulafe – Weird start to a song but it strangely drags the listener in.


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