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Cranberry & Brie BruschettaOf course, it’s not like you need to be reminded is it? The Christmas decorations have been available in the shops since before Halloween, and the TV schedule is peppered with Christmas adverts from department stores (yes, that penguin) and perfume companies. Supermarkets are promoting their Christmas ranges, and if you have kids then of course you certainly know which toys are the must have ones of 2014.

Waitrose have just released the results of their Christmas survey with One Poll to survey 1000 of the British public to find out what the favourite ‘traditional treats’ are on Christmas day. The top 5 favourite Christmas desserts are:

  • Christmas pudding (33 per cent)
  • Chocolate Yule log (18 per cent)
  • Mince pies (12 per cent)
  • Trifle (12 per cent)
  • Christmas cake (9 per cent)

So now you know what to make. If you need to know how to make it, then Waitrose have also compiled a list of recipes on their website, including several from Delia herself (although if you are a trifle fan, you must try our mulled pear trifle which was recently featured).

Easy_Carve_Free_Range _Turkey with Rich WThey have also created two handy tools on their website which will be invaluable to those who are planning on cooking for friends/family at Christmas or hosting a New Year’s Eve party.

The tools allow you to input numbers for a dinner or a party, and then it generates recommended food quantities to order to cater for that number of people:

But if you still don’t know what you are going to serve at Christmas then keep visiting our site, as we’ll be sharing Christmas starter, main course and sides, puddings and leftover recipes in the run up to the big day. And before New Year’s Eve we’ll share with you some of our suggestions for canapés and festive drinks.

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