Create a simple statement: The 3 key pieces you need in your jewellery box


Statement jewellery has been given a bad name in recent years, as the two words automatically drag your mind through a closet jammed full of gaudy plastic bangles and ghetto gold chains.

Yet statement jewellery doesn’t need to be tacky and come in 500 sparkly plastic bits. Less is more, and you can still make a statement without shouting. Here are the top three pieces of jewellery you need to update your wardrobe in a tasteful manner.

The Statement Necklace

Due to our hectic lives, dressing down has become the norm for most of us. Whether it’s casual business wear, or relaxed jeans and T-shirt days, a statement necklace can transform even the most basic of ensembles. Update a plain business shirt by adding a rose gold princess length necklace and do up the buttons to your collar for a stylish Mod look.

The Statement Ring

One of the best ways to transform your everyday look is with a statement ring. Choose a coloured gem, set on a plain silver band, for a classic sophisticated look. Sapphire blue gems can make a plain daytime outfit look sophisticated and stylish.

The Statement Bracelet

Although the most subtle of the statement jewellery family, do not underestimate the power of the statement bracelet. Often tucked away behind a long sleeve or a jacket, the bracelet can often be neglected, but still has the ability to transform your look.

If you can’t decide which colour to go for, why not opt for a fusion; integrating classic gold, silver, diamonds and contemporary rose gold for a dazzling effect?

In order to get statement jewellery right, you need to strike the right balance. These are fabulous pieces worn on their own, with plainer outfits, but clump them all together at once and you run the risk of looking like Mr T. Just remember it’s about how individual items will complement your look, so if in doubt, keep it simple.

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