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I love trying new products and was estastic to get my hands on an intriguing drink I have never tried before. Tastes like wine but not, tastes like sparkling water but isn’t. Intrigued? Read on.


Introducing the fabulously fresh flavours of the new sparkling ready-to-pour Croft Twist. Croft Twist is an aperitif, a refreshment, a Fino spritz. It’s not just any old boring drink, but rather one that excites and awakens the taste buds getting everyone in the mood for a summer full of sunny socialising.

The drink can be classed as a luscious lemony drink but also that of a sparkling flavourful drink. It throws the tastebuds out of wack and back in – with the choice of flavours it goes through.  It carefully combines the aromatic flavours of freshly picked English elderflower, cool garden mint and zesty lemon with the crisp taste of a premium Fino.


The deliciously memorable ready to drink spritz is just 5.5% in alcohol, making it ideal for sharing on a girl’s night out, dinner with friends, or sun kissed BBQ and picnics.



Fino is a light coloured dry sherry – didn’t know that – I didn’t either.  Its an intriguing flavour palette with the tastebuds first thinking its wine, then sparkling water and cant put it all together – but think its refreshing and intriguing.  It comes in what looks like a wine bottle but will surprise you and your guests with its flavours.

5/5 – hit that mark well. Serving suggestion – drink with ice.  Even at the £7.49 price point – its worth it!!!

5 out of 5

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Waitrose and Ocado for RRP £7.49.

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