Dark Matter


If you are a fan of Stargate then get ready for a brand new sci-fi adventure as Dark Matter hits the shelves as it is released on DVD. 

First aired on Tuesday evenings on the Syfy channel, it has since become their number one rated show.  The 13 part series delighted sci-fi fans and critics alike, getting itself renewed for a second season!

When suddenly awoken from stasis in deep space, the six-person crew of a derelict starship find that their memories have been completely wiped.  They have no idea who they are, how they got to where they are or indeed what is going on.

5757They quickly discover that they are wanted by the authorities, but with no idea why they race to uncover the truth about themselves and their ship mates.  The Galactic Authorities are the least of their problems though as the six people, who quickly name themselves 1 -6, find out that their former employers, bounty hunters, rivals, big corporations and enemies they have no memory of, are also hunting them down.  

With only each other to rely on, things become even worse when the team realise not all of them are on the level, they have a traitor amongst them.  One of their number intentionally wiped everyone’s memories.  Why? 

5756The hit TV show is based on the graphic novel, Dark Matter by Paul Mullie and Joseph Mallozzi and is full on non-stop action and edge of your seat tension as we discover if people are born bad or are in fact a product of the world around them.  

Now available on DVD, Dark Matter is a deep space ride that will surprise and entertain you as you journey with the six-person crew to uncover their true identities and just who wiped their memories and why! 


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