Dark Places


In the 1980s, Kinnakee, Kansas a terrible massacre occurred.  A mother and two of her daughters were brutally slain in what people quickly decide is a Satanic Ritual.  Only two survivors of the Day family escaped the horror, Ben a teenage boy and Libby a little girl who escapes through a window after witnessing the brutal killing of her mother and sisters.


Ben was charged with the murders of his family and Libby forced to testify against him.  He was found guilty and remained in prison for the next 25 years, making no appeals.  Libby never visited him and lived her life through handouts that generous, caring people donated.

The Libby (Charlize Theron – Mad Max – Fury Road, Prometheaus) , 25 years later meets Lyle Wirth (Nicholas Hoult – Mad Max Fury Road, About A Boy) who is a member of Kill Club, a group of like minded people who spend their spare time investigating and in some cases, solving murders.  Lyle and his colleagues believe that Ben Day is innocent and when Libby agrees to speak to the group when she is low on money, she agrees to see him for the first time in 25 years.

_DSC7840.NEFLibby goes through a harrowing time, finding out that her brother had a secret girlfriend, was accused of child molestation and a different person to who she remembers.  The investigation continues and Libby herself begins to doubt her brother’s guilt.

Flashbacks tell the nights events through Patty’s (Christina Hendricks – Mad Men) eyes, the difficulties she faces leading up to the devastating night and also through the yes of Ben, her brother.

Dark Places is incredibly moving and full of suspense, nothing is quite what it seems and uncovering the truth is as chilling as it is shocking.  

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