Dark Places – Christina Hendricks Interview


Tell us about your character Patty Day?

Her entire world is crashing down upon her and she’s losing the farm she’s been holding onto for so long and struggling and this atrocious, unbelievable nightmare is happening around her son’s life and she’s trying to help and feeling helpless like she can’t help at all.

Tell us about Patty’s husband Runner Day?

Runner who became her husband, didn’t take many years to become a complete deadbeat and not contribute to the farm and not contribute to the children and he just shows up periodically wanting money. Runner’s just a taker, taker, taker and I think that he’s been a bit abusive to her in the past and she’s very protective of her children and protective of herself and she doesn’t really know what he might bring, he’s a bit of a wild card.


What can you tell us about Patty’s relationship with her son Ben Day?

I don’t think Patty knows much about what Ben is up to, I don’t think she knows who his friends are, I don’t think she has a clue about Diondra. She still thinks he’s hanging out with the farm boys that he was friends with a few years back. He’s just not communicating with her, he’s a teenager. He’s a pretty normal teenager.

How excited was the author of Dark Places, Gillian Flynn, about this movie?

I was just in Chicago and of course she’s a Chicago darling and people were so excited about this project, I mean there was a lot of chattering, everyone was excited to talk to me about doing it.

_DSC7840.NEFWould you say Director Gilles Paquet-Brenner has stayed true to the book in his script?

I think Gilles has stayed very, very true to the script and I think that any fan that watches it will remember those words so immediately and it will transport them immediately to that time and for people who haven’t seen it, it’s just a seamless, beautiful script.

Tell us about Patty Day’s appearance, did it help you get into character?

Patty Day is a farmer and a mother and having severe money problems so that’s going to greatly influence her wardrobe and her overall appearance so once you get that whole look together you feel like that person almost immediately, I mean this is a very played down look, there’s no makeup and there’s no hair, obviously I’ve gone from my red to this ashy drabby dishwater blonde!

How do you hope audiences will respond to the film?

This is just one of those stories that sweeps you away, it really is one of those things that when you want to become completely entertained and be transported to a different time and place. I think that’s what Gilles does so well too, creating these environments and this real mood and real feeling – you will be taken away to Kansas for a while.

Dark Places DVD_3DDARK PLACES is out on Blu-ray™ and DVD from 22nd February, courtesy of Entertainment One

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