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 What was it like meeting Gillian Flynn?

When Gillian came to visit the set, she was dressed up in the kill club outfit which is fantastic as it’s always nerve-wracking when you meet the author of the book because you suddenly realize they had someone in their mind when they were creating this ideal character so I suddenly felt quite nervous as if I’m not living up to expectations but she was so friendly and she seemed very happy with my casting so that made me very relaxed. She was just a very interesting person to talk to as well, all the dark side of this story – the murders and the way it all works is fascinating and then to meet her and see that she’s so light and friendly, it’s fascinating to see that it was her brain that came up with such dark stuff but be such a nice, light, friendly person

What do you think of Charlize Theron as Libby Day?

Charlize’s character in this is just a fascinating person, who has had such a traumatic event in her childhood and then never really had to grow up properly because of these well-doers who have donated money to her to live off for so long. It’s just a fascinating character.



What are your thoughts on Libby Day?

Libby Day was a girl who when she was young , her family – her mother and two sisters got murdered in the house – testified in court that she saw her brothers commit the murders which throughout this story you start to realize that may be lawyers who were misleading her and coaching her to get the answers they wanted and needed out of her and that she wasn’t actually in the house at the time.

What are your thoughts on your character’s involvement with the “Kill Club”?

Slightly strange character, Lyle is fascinated with murders, he’s part of a club called the “Kill Club” which is actually a very normal idea, with normal people who are fascinated by stories of true crime, mysteries and murders. Lyle makes a good point, it seems like a weird thing but it’s no weirder that being obsessed with celebrities, these are people who want to solve crimes.

Can you tell us about your character reaching out to Libby Day?

He reaches out to Libby and fortunately she agrees – at the beginning purely for the sense of money he’s offering her so she agrees to go along to the club and talk, and then starts to investigate the case. Slowly, the story then unravels of what happened that evening.



What can you tell us about the “Kill Club”

The “Kill Club” is a fascinating concept, from reading the script I was like “oh wow, how is that going to work?” and Lyle is the treasurer and I’m not sure if he’s necessarily the founder but he’s a key person in this club of bringing everyone together. There are different factions of the “Kill Club”, there are private investigators, there are ex-cops, there are people who are just fascinated by true crimes but there’s also a side of it for people who are interested in the dressing up aspect.

What is it about Charlize Theron creating a character that audiences can connect with?

This is something that Charlize can do brilliantly, she can bring these characters that aren’t very likable but as an audience you sit there and you get fascinated because it’s so real what she does that it’s compelling to watch.

What was it like working with Gilles Paquet-Brenner?

I met Gilles in Los Angeles at the start of 2013, we sat down for a cup of tea basically and at the time I read the script the role of Lyle was on offer to someone else so we had a chat and I said I really like the script and I saw Sarah’s Key which I thought was a fantastic film so obviously I knew he was very talented and everything he had to say about the Lyle character was brilliant so I said if this person passes then I’d like to do it.



What is Gilles Paquet-Brenner like as a director?

The brilliant thing about Gilles is that he’ll accept ideas from everywhere, he’s not precious or controlling like “I’m the director, and this is my film”, he’s very open to ideas coming from everywhere, and someone joked about a laundromat and he thought about it and he was like “Actually that’s kind of interesting, maybe Lyle can be like a young entrepreneur who bought a couple of laundromats or invested in them and is kind of making business like that and the “Kill Club” is his other hobby” . It really helped me develop this character and see where this young kid is coming from now.

What do you think of the cast?

The cast, and the young actors like Chloe, are really talented so I’m looking forward to seeing what they do as well.

What has your experience been like with the thriller genre?

I’ve never done a thriller, this is the first step into that.

 How do you hope audiences will respond to the movie?

It will be like being a “Kill Club” member yourself as part of the audience sitting there and putting everything together but also that quite tense stuff of not knowing what Libby is getting into and a little bit of fear in what might be able to happen.

Dark Places DVD_3DDARK PLACES is out on Blu-ray™ and DVD from 22nd February, courtesy of Entertainment One

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