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We recently got the chance to try the updated version of Darkest Dungeon for PC. We were pleasantly surprised at its great progress.  For full thoughts on the game read on….


Darkest Dungeon has been out for a while but having seen it been played we had to give it a go.  The game is a dungeon crawler with RPG and roguelite features which focuses on your leadership of team of characters. The team is under the psychological stresses of adventuring unlike most dungeon exploring games so expect the unexpected.

Taking your team into the dungeons can lead to issues with their bodily health, and worse, a relentless assault on their mental fortitude. Lots more await the teams as they explore deeper and deeper.

The game will ask the player at multiple points – what emotional toll does a life of adventure take?


The game is in two parts with both are of equal important.


Preparation and Calm Down

The player preparing the team in town and recovers the members in need of mental or physical help.  Try to stop paranoia, greed, anger, hopelessness, and more from crippling the party.  This is the affliction system and dam they have done improvements to it.


The Missions

In the dungeons, they have kept the styling as unique as possible with a side scrolling style.  It has a very striking hand-drawn 2d gothic art style and a extensive narration system to celebrate your successes and failures



Terrifically hard and gruesome to play.  Working our way through tons of character types to find the best ones and then they get ill.  With the “Everything Burns” update in May, the game feels and acts better and it great to see the continued support of the game with hotfixes all the time.


5 out of 5


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