David Beckham Into The Unknown


You may have come across the BBC’s show earlier this year which followed David Beckham and his two friends, Derek White and Dave Gardner, as they travelled through the Amazon Rainforest on motorbike, embarking on a journey that really can only be described as epic!

BBCDVD3973_DAVID BECKHAM INTO THE UNKNOWN_3D_CMYKNow the BBC have released David Beckham’s voyage of discovery  onto  DVD, with unseen footage not aired on television.  So, even if you managed to watch it earlier in the year, there is going to be something to excite you now it is on DVD, including David sharing a meal with the Waimiri-Atroari tribe.

Into The Unknown is an incredible journey across southern America and see’s David enjoying a somewhat rare  period of anonymity.  The trio venture from Rio de Janeiro to Manaus in the very heart of the rainforest.  Immersing themselves in the local culture and guided by the people who live in the area, Beckham and his childhood friends then travel to meet the Yanomami Tribe, deep in the rainforest from the Angelin community, across the Negro river, to the banks of the Curieras River where the tribe live, far from modern life.  It was with delight that David seemed to embrace this journey, the Yanomami having absolutely no idea who he was.

His journey was not without  a tinge of sadness, we see how much the superstar footballer misses his wife and children, the odd phone call home making it evident the love he has for his family.

The DVD has many extras including deleted scenes, David’s video diary, him talking about his family, food, fashion and of course football, including how he felt not being able to play in the 2010 World Cup.  There is also behind the scenes footage of David filming a TV advert with  Zinedine Zadane, Gareth Bale and Lucas Moura.

David Beckham Into The Unknown is available from all good retailers with a recommended retail price of £15.31.  It is a great DVD for anyone interested in the tribes of the Amazon, the rainforest and of course the man himself!


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