Day Dreaming


Day dreaming can be an incredibly relaxing past time. Thinking about places you would like to go, things you want to see,  replaying events from your life, or even living in your mind as if you are some princess from a far flung land in a fairy tale of your very own.

Equally as rewarding and fun, can be recording your thoughts and daily life in a journal, not just any journal though, something that is as unique and inspiring as your day dreams themselves.

The DreamDay Pattern Journals are absolutely perfect for such a task, they are filled with blank cream pages and ones filled with beautiful patterns that can be coloured in, another relaxing activity.

Each of the Dreamday Journals is created around a theme – Art Deco Manhattan, Mid-Century Modern Scandinavian Design, Renaissance Florence and Heraldic Paris. This means that you can chose a journal that is exactly right for your thoughts and mood.

Of course keeping a journal is not just about writing down your day dreams, it is also a hobby that can allow you to express yourself through drawing, doodling, poetry and any other way that you can let your imagination flow out onto the page.  

The Dreamday Pattern Journals are perfect for capturing that creativity and inspiring more relaxed thought through the colouring pages.  An excellent gift for writers, artists and day dreamers alike, available from Laurence King Publishers for £10.95 each.


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