Dead Island Definitive Collection


It is no secret that a certain person at Erisea Mag is more than a little obsessed with zombies, okay so that person is me and that is why Dead Island Definitive Collection is so very exciting for me.

If you have ever played Dead Island on the last generation of consoles, you will remember that the game opens with a song that quickly gets stuck in your head as the onset of the apocalypse greets you. If anyone mentions Dead Island to me personally, I can’t help but sing it and was thrilled to see it is included in the launch trailer…

The Games

screenshot2_rOf course the theme tune to a game opening is just the beginning of an adventure on the island of Banoi, that you could never have imagined when you booked your holiday in this paradise. Dead Island is vast, an RPG that pits you against zombie after zombie as you try your best to rescue people, help others to find lost items and of course try to survive the most violent and terrifying event in human history.

Alongside it’s terrifying sequel Dead Island Riptide, (both included in the Dead Island Definitive Collection), you can partner up with three friends online to follow the story based RPG with ‘visceral astounding melee’ and a world that is waiting to be explored. Set up base camps, meet other survivors and discover a population that want to survive, they just need your help.

What’s New?

Screenshot_3_rBoth Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide are contained within the Definitive Collection courtesy of Techland and Deep Silver, comes bundled with all of the DLC that has been previously released for both games. However there is more to this release than just the two remastered full games which have improved graphics, game models and a photo realistic lighting system that improves the overall game play. Also included with your new, old favourite zombie slashers is an all new side scrolling retro game called Dead Island Retro Revenge. If you are a fan of games that have that retro feel, a trend we have seen since the advent of Minecraft whose popularity has encouraged a flurry of incredible retro feeling games, then this is definitely one for your collection!

Our Thoughts

5 out of 5All in all it is hard to not give Dead Island Definitive Collection a five out of five, it is an absolutely fantastic bundle of games that allow you to revisit a couple of zombie favourites!  The remastered graphic and lighting just add to the atmosphere of the game and overall enjoyment.  Picking up weapons and crafting things more deadly, fixing those that need repairing or even swapping with your gaming buddies, collecting medical supplies and items for side quests, there is an absolutely immense range of activities in Dead Island, leaving you with hours of fun, new achievements/trophies to collect and much, much, more. 

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