Dead Letters: An Anthology


This year sees the 500th anniversary of Royal Mail, an incredible date to be celebrated and that is exactly what Conrad Williams has done with Dead Letters: An Anthology.

Williams received a parcel that had taken a year to find its way to his doorstep and it prompted him to think about how many letters and parcels must go missing and an idea was born, the Dead Letters office. So, rather than just asking authors to write a short story, he sent out parcels that has been made to look like old, well traveled and misdirected items. Inside each one was a prompt, the prompt that would form the basis for their submission to this incredibly unique anthology,

Featuring authors such as Muriel Gay, Lisa Tuttle, Joanne Harris, Michael Marshall Smith, Steven Hall, Maria Dahvana Headley, China Mieville, Ramsey Campbell. Pat Cadigan, Alison Mppre, Adam LE Nevill, Nina Allan, Andrew Lane, Angela Slatter, Clare Dean, Nicholas Royal and Kirsten Kaschock, Dead Letters : An Anthology is full of stories that will keep those pages turning.
The masters of the horror, fantasy and science fiction genres have taken their deliveries and created some of the most fascinating and absorbing short stories.

This intriguing and innovative way to spark the imaginations of some of the most fantastic authors around, Dead Letters is a book that you wot want to put down.  As you read there are definite chills that will travel down your spine, shocks and horrific tales that will have you wanting to keep the light on.  

Dead Letters: An Anthology is available from now in Paperback and as an eBook for £8.99 (RRP)

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