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There is one question you be saying in your head over and over again whilst playing Dead of Winter. Is There a Traitor?

Its one of those dynamics that adds drastically to a co-op game. Trust is a big thing so with some big game aspects resolved secretly – you tend to doubt people in your group.
Crisis Resolvement

There is a crisis per round and at the end of the round it is resolved.  During the round, cards to help are placed face down by the players – Now its time to resolve.

It is one of the moments where every turn of the card could mean disaster!!

Example – Need 10 Fuel.  

  • “right i can put 5 cards in to help, hopefully you can too”
  • Other 3 players put in the other 5.
  • Its revealed 1 card is not a fuel. 
  • You know yourself as not the traitor but others likely are to think it you.
  • You placed 5 cards in – so they think “you covered yourself with 4 good cards!!”
  • So distrust is sewn throughout the group. The dynamic changes with each crisis from then on

Character Decisions

Well you may of thought that would be it but other players are allowed to talk to you and suggest where to go.

They maybe good and want you to take a risk to get an inportant resource but what if the traitor just wants you to die.

It is one of those situations where it could come back to hit that player in the back of the head.
Those Final Moments

How do you feel about banishment? – If you and your group are sure about who the traitor is. Group decision will take the traitor out of the game. Banish them out of the colony to survive by themselves.

Disclaimer – Not every game will have a survivor in so make sure you are certain before tossing out the bad guy.
Next Week – We look at the expansion for Dead of Winter. The Long Night.

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