From 2017 – Dead of Winter – Third Turn In Short – Review


Want to play a game that echoes back to The Walking Dead or even Shaun of the Dead. We look back at the basics of Dead of Winter: Crossroads Edition. 


Players are aiming to survive the dead of winter in a abandoned building with other survivors.   The undead rise up to try and defeat the survivors in turn. The game will tell you how to roll for the undead – so sadly you cannot play as them.

So the aim is for you to play co-operatively and each turn is all about your survivors living through a winter.  However there is an possibility of a traitor been in your midst.  The concept of a traitor is well known but aims to keep you on tender hooks throughout the game.

How do you win? Complete the group objective (unless you are the traitor) and complete your secret individual objective (separate from the group).



It begins.  Board setup depends on game scenario picked.  We tried a variety of objectives but tended towards to the shorter games.  There is a hefty amount of rules to know but we look at only the basics at the moment. 

Key gameplay aspects of board games can often defined in a Round and in a Turn.  A turn is 1 player’s go while a round will be everyone’s turn. A round will have things happening that must be completed before the round finishes.




Crisis Cards

You would not think it that simple to survive.  You must complete “crisis” objectives in each go around of the table.  Each with failure objectives.

Crossroads Cards

Drawn at the beginning of each and every turn – by the previous player.  Each have a conditional clause, if it happens within the turn – it must be read out and success and failure happens.  It can happen at any point but can be positive or negative in impact (Will be random, very random!!)



Food Rounds

Added to the crisis’s, you got to remember to feed everyone per round.  Once eaten, that creates waste to get rid of.

Action Dice

Each action can be defined by your character and the dice you roll.  Actions you can make include – Attack zombies, attract zombies, barricade up, Clean excess waste or search for resources. Each have good importance in how you progress.

Roll for Exposure

Want to go on a trip into the wilderness full of zombies.  Roll the evil dice that might kill you or at least wound you. 

End of the Round Colony Phase

In order – Pay food, check waste, resolve crisis, add zombies and check main objective.  Again specific rules are for each – very intriguing to the dynamic.


That’s enough to get you interested.  Basically a turn involves the player sending the survivors around to gather items and manage the camp.  Managing the camp is important but do you risk it all to claim the win?




Overall Thoughts

A very strategy heavy game where the rule book can be thought to be extremely on the hefty size. However this is a game that can be learned in a few hours of practice and it wont feel as heavy.  Advisory – If you are not a good instructions reader – make sure you have one in your board game group to learn the basics. 

On one playthrough, we would rate this a 2/5. However we played it several times and increase this to a solid 3/5 rating.  A good game with interesting dynamic choices throughout.


Want More Detail – Wait until Wednesday Evening when we look at the Turn Dynamic of this game.  What happens when disaster happens? 


Images provided by Esdevium Games.

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