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You may of seen the review on Tuesday of Dead of Winter, and remained unconvinced.  Here are some scenarios that happen that makes you think, how the hell did that happen?


As a reminder – the Objective of Dead of Winter is simple, survive Winter and finish off a group and individual objective. All of this while Zombies get closer and closer to the kill.  At the start of the game you will get two characters to play as (per person), and trying to win can depend on a lot of things happening in a turn.



On A Roll Of A Dice

One of the key elements of the game is the dice and how luck defines how your game goes.  You roll dice to do multiple things in a turn and if you screw a roll – you may of screwed your game overall.

dead-of-winter-2Each Character has a attack skill and a search skill defined by the dice roll. In the example picture above Kodiak has 31 as his incentive to go first, 2+ on attack and 2+ on Search. The lower incentive tends to be the better character, so for Kodiak rolling a 1 is bad and the other rolls of 2 or more are good.

However different characters will have different defined skill ranges.  Sophie Robinson has a 58, Attack of 4+ and a Search of 1+, while Ashley Ross has a 52, 2+ on Attack and a 5+ on Search.  So if you do not get that right strategy for your character you could be stuck in a corner.

We would not want to get Sophie stuck in a corner needing to roll a 4,5 or 6.  Taking half your options out of the game.

Overall – It adds depth to how your strategy plays out – all on that dice roll.  “Dam, I rolled a 1!!”


On A Turn Of A Card

One aspect of the game that can truly turn the tide is the Crossroads cards.  You begin your turn in the colony whilst a fellow player reads a conditional clause card that can affect your turn great.

An example would be “Creature Comforts”, if you have a surviour in your control at the camp – an event occurs.  All players must now help and place 3 fuel cards total in the waste.   Didn’t have a surviour in camp – then the player wont say a thing and leave you on tender hooks thinking when he gonna stop me and read the card out.

The cards each come with an active story which adds to the drama.

Don’t think that’s bad enough?

If you use fuel whilst the player has “Car Crash” in their hands – you have a car crash. You get two options – add a frostbite wound to your character, or roll for exposure 3 times to get to the location you need.

How about using Medicine to heal whilst “Addiction” could enter play? You get two options again, kill the character you were healing or every turn using medicine to use the dice associated to that character. So lose a character or lose a dice.






We could talk more about the “Possible Traitor” feature of the game, However we will talk more about it on Friday.


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