Years ago (early 1990’s), there was a game out called Marble Madness, it was a small game where you controlled a marble and had to navigate various obstacles to reach the exit on each level.  This was one of those games that was addictive, it didn’t matter how many times you failed on a particular level, the game instilled this determination in the player to overcome the obstacles and beat the game.  The reason this is important when it comes to the new game out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Deadcore, is that it has similar mechanics and again instils a strange kind of determination in the player, you want to succeed, you want to beat the game and if it takes ten minutes or ten hours, you have no will to give up.

CoverDeadcore is a first person platformer, but it is also so much more.  Combining many elements of platform gaming such as puzzles, speed running and exploration, you find yourself having to run, jump, shoot and above all survive as your climb your way through a seemingly endless world fraught with traps, deadly falls and enemies to battle.  

Your journey begins on a gigantic tower that looms above you and indeed below.  In the story mode you have to gather clues, solve puzzles and make your way up the tower, defending yourself as you go.  Each move is laden with the potential for failure with endless falls and enemies around every corner.  Keeping your balance is just one of the perilous futuristic obstacles you will need to overcome to solve the game and reach the top of the tower.  Along the way you will reach check points, these are your new best friend, you will fall, you will be shot and you will die, over and over and over again.  The check points allow you to start from a little further up the tower each time you reach one, meaning you only have to redo a portion of your journey.  The beauty of the checkpoints, is that they allow you to learn more about the tower, your abilities and what you need to be able to achieve to reach the next check point.  

Deadcore_screenshots_08As stated earlier, clear your calendar when you sit down to tackle Deadcore, you will certainly need some time to appreciate the complexity of a game that at first glance appears to be simple in nature.  Once you have managed to complete the campaign mode, if you haven’t already had your fill of the intricate mechanics, vast void surrounding you, enemies at your heels and terrifying jumps that could land you back at the last check point, you could try the speed run – do you have what it takes to reach the tower top in record time?


Deadcore comes from Grip Digital and 5 Bits Games, you can find out more on the official website and pick up the game for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, supporting yet another fantastic Indie game.

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