Deadlight: Director’s Cut


Randall Wayne is trying to find his family among the ruins of Seattle in 1986, after the zombie apocalypse.  He relentlessly traverses the world that is left behind, in search of answers, the fate of his family and to do so must solve puzzles and figure out how to avoid the undead, environmental hazards and reach the light at the end of his metaphorical tunnel.


Deadlight is a survival horror 2D platformer that is packed full of puzzles, hazards and atmosphere.  As Wayne makes his way through the debris that was once Seattle he must collect resources that are scare to say the least, make important decisions about how to tackle the undead that face him.  Fight or flight, sometimes you have just once option, but other times there are more than one approach to your situation.  When it comes to combat there is melee combat or weapons to choose from, but the weaponry and ammunition they need are few and far between, so choose carefully.  Flight on the other hand may prove to be a run for it or using the environment to your advantage so you can sneak passed the eating hoards.  


Directors Cut

Deadlight: Director’s Cut features an all new Survival Arena Mode which allows you to access interactive defenses, unusual weapons and much more.  Survive against endless waves of zombies and do your best to use the defenses to block them whilst you utilise weapons such as Molotov Cocktails, machine guns and even a sniper rifle! 

This new edition of the game also allows players to now try Nightmare mode if they are on PS4 or Xbox One.  Nightmare Mode was originally a PC exclusive and completing this mode of the game will provide you with an all new alternative ending,

The new edition also sports an overhauled control system, 1080p on every platform and upgraded graphics.  It doesn’t end there either because Deep Silver, Tequila Works and Abstraction Games have also included the original Developer Diaries and digital art book.  

Our Verdict

5 out of 5

We love this little puzzler and have had great fun checking out the new features that Deadlight: Director’s Cut has to offer.  Of course we are massive zombie fans and fighting of the hoard is one of our most treasured daily activities.  We can’t really fault the game as the improved graphics and enhanced controls make for a much more enjoyable time within the game, not to mention the incredible extras that have been included, such as Survival Arena and Nightmare Mode – which both basically do what they say on the tin, make you get inventive with survival and the latter is certainly a nightmare! 

All in all for £15.99, this platformer is definitely worth picking up, no matter which platform you are on – PS4, Xbox One, PC and later this year the Wii U.


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