Deathcat Sally by P.S. Brooks


For most of us, knocking over an animal is one of the most worrying things about driving, it probably stems from the fact that we have no control over what the animal does or how it moves, so if it runs in front of our car, there is little we can do.  Sally Rancher is just seventeen and goes through this exact experience when she accidentally knocks over Zachary, a cat.  When she herself tries to help him, she herself is knocked over by a truck and ends up in a coma.

You would think that is is the worst that could happen to Sally, but you’d be wrong, she was about to wake from her coma into a nightmare she could not escape.  It is a sensible assumption that when you wake up from a coma and appear to have a cat, one that you knocked over and presumably killed, fused to your shoulder, that you have in fact lost your last marble, of course when the cat, Zachary, decides to start talking, you are pretty certain that you have gone insane.

Unfortunately for her, there is no peace from this waking nightmare she finds herself in, as when she falls asleep, both her and Zachary are pulled into No Man’s Land, a place that is oozing with darkness, terror and the spirits of animals who want nothing more that to exact revenge on people.  It soon becomes apparent that the pair are an integral part of solving the most important mystery they have ever come across.

A fantastically dark and twisted tale for young adult readers, Deathcat Sally by P.S. Brooks is vivid, exciting and definitely a page turner, a wonderful introduction for any young adult reader in to the horror genre.  It is incredibly unique, gripping from the outset leaves you wanting more.  This is a comfortable book for a mature reader to settle into, even though it is aimed at the Young Adult market, the plot is well written and engaging enough to keep you interested and enjoying the journey.

Published by Pegasus Publishers for £8.99

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