Deathstroke Vol. 1: The Professional (Rebirth)


I loved the opportunity to combine both my reading and my love of superheroes, so I got the opportunity to review some of the latest titles from DC Comics.

The following review is from a comic novice but a superhero TV/Film Lover.


The Story

The story arc consists of multiple acts with Deathstroke at variety of points in his life. 

The old Deathstroke on assignment and discovering facts.  The mid point Deathstroke in Africa on assignment and the young one with his kids.  Wintergreen is another character woven into the acts and its weird to read and follow at times.

Its constant evolving the story and moving the characters into different scenarios keep the eye on the page.  From his kids experiences with him in youth to the change in environment with a protégé Ravager.

Deathstoke and Wintergreen have a very unique bond with them been soldiers at arms and taking on missions together.  Deathstroke might have the abilities but he has the backup.

The closing arc contained a few good cameos and makes for a interesting story to follow further.

Overall Thoughts

The pacing of the volume was terrific with the 3 timelines combining to create an effective opening volume.  Good cameos from some well known and some not so well known DC Characters. The dynamic shifting continually made for a good read. 

Definitely a good read and a good way to start my comic reviews. 

More to follow in the coming weeks.


For More Info –

Deathstroke Vol 1 by Christopher Priest.

Available Online and from all good comic stores.

Out NOW.


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