Decorate With Style This Halloween!


The entire country is Halloween crazy right now and of course we are no different here at Erisea HQ.  However, today we wanted to share something a little different with you, a way to get your room ready for Halloween and leave you with a fabulous, unique and quite frankly superb looking room all year round!


Yes, you did read correctly, wallpaper.  Of course you’re thinking, ‘who decorates a room with wallpaper for Halloween?’ and in answer to your very sensible questions is plenty of people when they have seen these amazing offerings from Graham & Brown.


31-227 Maleficent & 31-228 Diablo with frame

Hot of the heels of the movie by the same name, you could bring Disney’s evil villain into your home and admire her every day!

Barbara Hulanicki’s style is evident in this black on black flocked wallpaper.  Maleficent is feature as a damask style illustration that has echoes of the 30’s, whilst remaining very modern! It is effortlessly chic and perfect for any boudoir!

£49.50 per roll




A more traditional Halloween theme is definitely skulls and these cascading skulls will certainly do the trick!  Designed again by Barbara Hulanicki, from afar the wallpaper does not seem to be made up of hundreds of skulls in varying sizes, it is not until you get closer that it becomes apparent.

£49.50 per roll




Set on a black backdrop, this cobweb design seems to glisten like webs in early morning dew.  Absolutely beautiful, the fine threads are a subtle rainbow of colours and all look to be hanging off of the wall, giving the illusion of striking, magical and colourful webs.

This is certainly perfect for Halloween of maybe for those folk who have, you know, dungeons!

£39.20 per roll

Fairy Tale

Fairy toile

This wallpaper would work well in more than just Halloween prepared rooms and dungeons, it is a very pretty design, the black and grey colouring giving it an extremely elegant feel.

The paper itself tells little stories and they are those told to children far and wide, so would be perfect for a child’s room for something a little different.

£39.20 per roll

Other Uses

The wallpapers are incredibly unique and quite striking, but maybe you don’t want to get the paste table out and start redecorating your home.  There are plenty of other ideas that could be utilised to display these fabulous designs, without the messy paste!

Here are a couple of ideas from us:

  • Use an exciting distressed picture frame and cut some wallpaper to size.  Then frame the design and hang.  You could use different sized frames to create more interest.
  • If you want to decorate for a party why not use the wallpaper to create fabulous bunting?
    • Simply cut triangles out of your chosen design.
    • Take a length of string.
    • Lay the triangles with the flat edges aligned in a row, make sure the design is facing down on the table.
    • Place some double sided sticky tape along the edges.
    • Lay the string across the flat edges, round 1 cm from the edge itself and stick.
    • Now fold of the edge neatly on each triangle and hang!




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