Delicious ice creams from Mövenpick


movenpick 2Mövenpick is a Swiss brand, known for high quality ice cream, originally created for Swiss restaurants in the 1960s. Since then, Mövenpick has continued to strive to source quality ingredients for its range of ice creams, including Bourbon vanilla pods from Madagascar, Grand Cru cocoa from Equador, and – of course – Swiss cream.

As you might expect from a Swiss company, Mövenpick ice cream is made with precise regulation and constant supervision. The company use natural ingredients, including flavourings and colourings.

Now, Mövenpick ice cream is available from Ocado, and includes some unusual flavours, such as Vanilla Dream, Caramelita, Swiss Chocolate or Strawberry, or the recently added Maple Walnut, Espresso Croquant, Pistachio, White Chocolate, Raspberry & Strawberry Sorbet or Lemon & Lime Sorbet. Each pot of Mövenpick contains luxuriously creamy ice cream streaked with ripples, sauces and hidden jewels of fruit, chocolate, or hand made caramel.

We were lucky enough to be able to sample some of the new flavours here at Erisea magazine, and whilst our particular favourites were the Maple Walnut and Caramelita flavours, even the more traditional ones of strawberry and vanilla were clearly of extremely  high quality, and were delicious.

The strawberry ice cream had chunks of real fresh strawberry inside, and the vanilla ice cream was pattered with black vanilla seeds. The Caramelita ice cream was studded with lumps of delicious caramel, and – our favourite – the maple walnut had a delicate taste of both walnut and maple syrup, but was not too sweet.

Each ice cream offers you an indulgently creamy taste experience, and there’s no doubt that several of the flavours will be making their way into our shopping carts during our next supermarket trip.

Mövenpick Ice Cream is available for purchase in Ocado, priced at £8.49 for a 900ml tub. For more information, visit their website.

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