De’Longhi Ice Cream Maker.


So with some children having food intolerances, its so hard to find normal foods that they can have, so a De’Longhi Ice Cream maker is perfect. Especially as Ice cream is something every child and mother should have.

ice cream maker

The De’Longhi ice cream maker was the simplest piece of kitchen equipment to use.  Easy to follow instructions for putting it together plus a simple switch which has only three settings, spin, freeze and freeze and spin together (which is the main one used for making ice cream) makes it so easy to use. It also comes with a book full of recipes, really simple but tasty ones.

You may expect it to take its time making the ice cream and be noisy in the process, however it is really quiet (especially compared children)  AND it only takes 25 minutes to make the ice cream, which is simply amazing, as to make it by hand takes forever.

For the review we have strawberry, lactofree ice cream, so the whole family could enjoy it. See the pictures for the simply and easy process,

Ice cream

As you can see, using the De’Longhi ice cream maker to make fresh ice cream really is so simple, apart from preparing the ingredients, it does it all for you. Anyone who has made ice cream will know the most important part is the constant mixing, however this does the mixing and the cooling for you, really quickly. Which is especially good when you have small people in need of ice cream!

The De’Longhi Ice cream maker retails at around £250 and is well worth every single penny, especially as far as giving some children food that is safe to eat!




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