Depressed – Positive Talk


Its bad to say but everyone gets in that negative head space.

Our Definition

Its about being in a bad situation and letting it weigh you down. It could be asking a possible love interest out and they say no. It could be work being stressful and you bring the stress home depressing you further.

My personal plan of action

Its all about not letting some situations break you down further – and talking to someone about it who has no agenda to it.

If work is stressful and can be depressing, look for ways to get your head out of that mindset. Plan ahead, plan to unwined and home and you end up looking forward to it.

Talking to people out of the circle of depression means you can get an honest answer. Two or more people causing issues / making you feel depressed- speak to someone who doesnt know them personally or dont use names.

Move on, depression happens. Depression has its solutions. Mimimize it all. Always move forward.

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