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Kranz and Ziegler are renowned jewellers and creators of the stunning Story collection.  Story allows the wearer to create their own unique accessories tale using the elements made by the company that can be mixed and matched.  We were lucky enough to speak with Mads, the man behind the name, the company and the design.


Talk us through the launch of your brand, where did the idea come from and what’s the story behind it?

I started out as a travelling salesman representing Kranz & Ziegler’s sister brand, Aagaard. I could see what people were looking for and the obvious gap in the market for a new type of composable jewellery. Eventually I made the decision to break away and create my own line drawing on my experience in the industry.


In just 3 words, how would you describe the brand?

Individual, quality, design.

Charm 2Tell us about what a day in your life would consist of?

If you ask my wife she will say that I am out of the country too much. This year I have already been to; Italy, Thailand, Canada, the USA, China and the UK. Whether to search for inspiration, visit manufacturers, meet distributors or attend a press launch, I am doing everything I can to ensure that our STORY is heard.

What inspires you?

STORY is all about fashion, the collections, the high street and the women who wear them. There is a concise team of four designers and myself. Taking inspiration from literally everywhere… life, nature, architecture… we design hundreds of pieces and then edit the collection right down. It’s always good to have a design team, collaboration works really well on composable jewellery and keeps the collections fresh with lots of ideas flowing.

Outside of work, what do you like to do to have time out?

Travel is a big part of my life, so when I’m not travelling with work I am visiting spectacular places such as Italy with my family. I also really like to keep fit and do a lot of running training when my feet manage to reach the ground!

2014 has arrived, what have you got planned for the brand?

Still retaining the edgy design element that we have become synonymous with, we have been experimenting with metals, textures and time to develop what we believe to be our finest collection to date.

For the first time, we have introduced watch charms into the mix and the results are fantastic. They have been designed to intertwine with different materials and charms to create a truly unique style that you can adapt for every look. Square, round, jewel encrusted, gold plated, rose gold plated and rhodium plated steel – the possibilities are endless, whilst the final result is effortlessly cool.

We have also introduced rose gold with intricately detailed rings, watches, charms, earrings and pendants, which work perfectly with the balance of colour and materials in the collection.

Charm 1For any aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to break out and launch their own company, what advice would you offer?

Be individual.

If you had a time machine and could step back in time and change just one decision you have made with your career, what would that be?

Nothing – life is about experiences.

What’s the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?

Follow your instincts and above all have fun while your doing it.

Where can people find out more?

Thank you to Mads for taking the time to talk to us, make sure you stop by Kranz & Ziegler to have a look at their stunning collection!


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