Detox, Kaliyoga style: Gentle Yet Long-Lasting



Wishing to detox without going too hard on yourself? Why not going for a cleansing retreat with Kaliyoga: a gentle yet effective way to rejuvenate your mind&body.

One of Europe’s leading yoga retreats, Kaliyoga is an antidote to exhaustion and stress with much laughter and gentle but effective cleansing through yoga, healthy food, walking, body treatments – and heaps of much needed relaxation in the sun by the pool.

A week-long regime of this winning combination of exercise, healthy diet and rest can make wonders to how you look and feel. Yoga is proven to significantly reduce stress levels and help with sleep, mood and energy levels. A healthy diet will fill your body with much-needed nutrition, whilst a good amount of rest and just doing nothing will fully recharge your batteries.

Optional holistic treatments such as Thai yoga massage, Reflexology, Ayurvedic Massage, Indian Head Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Lymphatic Drainage etc can help you deal with any deep-seated conditions or health challenges.

Kaliyoga retreats are suitable for total beginners as well as those not new to yoga. Our renowned in-house yoga teachers adjust and tailor-make the yoga practice depending on the level of the students. Enjoy a vigorous and dynamic yoga in the morning, followed by a more gentle and slow practice in the afternoon.

Locally-sourced organic food at Kaliyoga is legendary – who would have thought that vegetarian food can be this delicious and fulfilling!

In between your activities, snooze in a hammock, swim in the large pool, melt in the jacuzzi or chat to new friends in the shade of an olive tree.

Choose from two beautiful Kaliyoga venues: Spain or Italy, both offering week-long retreats inclusive of accommodation, yoga twice daily, vegetarian cuisine and a range of optional health activities.

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