It is Zombie week here at Erisea HQ so we will have a few interesting and different articles for you to get your teeth into over the next few days, just don’t break anything when you bite!


The battle of ageing is never an easy one to fight, even less so when you throw in zombification, that is the worst.  You are not just fighting the signs of ageing, you are having to cope with all the horrible effects zombification can have on on your skin, for example, extreme dryness, slackness, deeper more visible wrinkles and of course spontaneous skin loss.

Now if you are suffering with zombieitus, please fear not, as we at Erisea are nothing if not dedicated to helping out the afflicted and ageing among us.  It is nothing to be ashamed of, so stand proud, if you can, and hold your head up high, (please if the head is not attached, look into getting that fixed).

Whilst we can’t help with spontaneous loss of skin, see your local zombie physician for more help there, we do believe we have found some thing that can help with the ageing and certain aspects that are detrimental to the skin when infected.  Have a look at some before and after pictures!

Zombie Aldi 1

Zombie Aldi 2

Joking aside, in a way dealing with ageing is much like dezombifying, attempting to prevent, delay or even reverse the effect time has on our skin.  The problem is there are so many options out there, it can be more than a little confusing as to how to go about dealing with these problems, if you want to.

There are creams, potions, lotions and sprays in abundance, then there is the issue of which part of your face to deal with and when to start.

 image002Working on the face as a whole.

This is one way to deal with the pesky problems that come with getting older.  Lacura Expert Mimox Beautifying Serum is one of the newest additions to Aldi’s skincare range.  It is quite the little performer, boasting that it can resuce wrinkles by 31%, improve skin elasticity by 33% and make your skin more supple by up to 34%.  Amazing statistics right?

Inside this amazing little bottle is something called blue green micro algae and kudzu extract.  Both of these ingredients mean that the skin is protected, revitalised, moisturised, tightened and of course reduces the signs of ageing as outlined above.

It has a pleasant smell and a little goes a long way, the effects are instant though.  Skin is left even, smooth, soft and supple.  The effects on wrinkles and elasticity, really can’t be judged on a couple of uses, but we have faith in Aldi’s promise that after 4 weeks there will be visible results!

image001The Eyes

One of the most problematic areas that show ageing, is the eye area.  Again Aldi have introduced a new gel that will help combat the crows feet and fine lines around the eyes.

Containing caffeine, horse chestnut and kudzu extract, the Lacura Eye Gel works to refresh tired eyes.  The alfalfa extracts help reduce the swelling that can occur around the eye area, whilst fine lines and wrinkles are beaten back wit peptides.

You can feel an instant tightening around he eye area and a very soothing, cooling effect.

Both products are available from Aldi and are only £4.99 each!  A bargain when trying to deal with zombie skin and wrinkles!

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