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Board games can get a little monotonous at times, many of them seem to be similar to each other, following the same rules and ideas.  But what if there was a more interactive way to game, not through video games consoles or computers, but right there in front of you on the table?

4M have come up with an ingenious way to bring gaming and indeed history to life, making it fun, interactive and a little challenging!

Dig & Play Egyptian Tomb

egyptian tomb 1If you have ever fancied yourself a bit of an Indiana Jones or Lara Craft, well now is your time to prove that you have what it takes to uncover the mysteries of the past and  discover priceless artefacts.

A game with a difference, Egyptian Tomb invites the player to first dig for fabulous jewellery, ancient booty and the tantalising treasures that have been hidden in the depths of tombs for centuries.  Inside the game box you will find a large block of plaster that inside it contains the coveted riches of a civilisation that now only resides in movies and history books.  Provided with all the tools required to gently chip away and slowly reveal the finds once uncovered in history by real archaeologists.  Possibly hours of fun could be at hand, just in a bid to find the valuable prizes concealed beneath the surface, (unless you get fed up and break out the grown up tools).

The box does not just contain the delights of archaeology though, there is an action packed board game to also fill your time with.  Travel around ancient Egypt and face terrible hazards such as crocodiles, scorpions and Mummies!  If you can avoid the dangers and make your way to the tomb first then you win the game!

Great fun and a way to introduce the kids to an exciting ancient civilisation!  Available from 4M for just £11.99.

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