A dystopian world is all that awaits Beatrice Prior and her peers, their society divided into five strict factions – Candor (honesty), Dauntless (bravery), Erudite (intelligence) Abnegation (selfless) and Amity (peaceful).   Their lives will follow the path of one of these factions, a decision that they must make when just sixteen years old.  

Beatrice has a difficult decision to make, does she stay with the faction in which she has grown up, that of her parents and most likely the faction her brother will chose, or should she follow her heart, her gut instinct that she belongs somewhere else.  Her decision surprises everyone, including herself.

Now is the time for Beatrice to embrace who she really is, to reinvent herself.  She chooses a new name to be known by, Tris and begins the grueling initiation into her new faction.  Faced with psychological and physical tests of her very being, Tris and the other initiates start their new lives and begin to realise that they will never be the same again.  Tris has to decide who to trust and where exactly Four, her mentor, fits into her life, if at all.  

Aside from the factions welcoming their new members, families saying goodbye to loved ones and teenagers finding their places in society, unrest begins to grip the world, a conflict that could completely destroy everything Tris holds dear.  Even more worrying for Tris is the fact that she has a secret, one that could lead to her death is discovered, but as the society around her begins to unravel she realises that her secret could help save many of those she loves and the society in which they live.  

Will Tris keep her secret and watch her world crumble?  Or will she embrace it, saving those around her?

Divergent is a thrilling ride from page one, Veronica Roth tells the story of Tris with compassion and affection, taking the reader on a journey through the friendship, betrayal, love and terrible choices that she has to make.  A fantastic read, utterly gripping and leaving you wanting more.

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