Dollar Shave Club – Fit for a UK Fathers Day Gift


At Christmas I got the opportunity to try out the products. I am happy to say this would be a good present for something a bit different for Father’s Day. The trial set is the perfect opener to start off being different. Bit of a gadget, bit of skincare with the Shave Butter, bit of a cost cut – its ticks quite a few boxes.  Remember its 17th of June. 


Dollar Shave Club is a American subscription service that has come to the UK and aims to hit the market of the affordable razor.  Dollar Shave Club “is perfect for anyone who is tired of spending a lot of money on razors each month”.

The Trial kit costs £5 with a subscription a what length you desire at £3-8 a month.  Intrigued? I was. 


The Cost

The best way to get your dad started is with the initial starter kit costing £5. Subscribe for longer and it will cost £3 to £8 a month depending on your price range. So the low cost, “means you can lean back, relax and even save money whilst the grooming subscription service delivers everything needed for a shave right to your doorstep. There is no minimum term for subscription and you can amend the order whenever you want.”

So if you know your dad hates to go to the shops or even buying new expensive blades – get him the deal to at least try out. 


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Our Thoughts

If you are looking to maintain a look with some good razors but on a better cheaper price – this is for you or your dad 🙂 . The razors are reasonable sharp compared to the main brands and you will go through the blades in a month – but that’s part of its idea. Fresh Blades delivered though your door at a cheap cost and you don’t have to think about it anymore. 

Loved the trial pack. Loved the design. The butter is intriguing over the normal gel. 

4/5 rating

Extra Info

Subscribers will be able to pick up one of Dollar Shave Club’s three razors: The Humble Twin, The 4X and The Executive, as well as Dr. Carver’s shave aids, which include an Easy Shave Butter, Mandatory Prep Scrub, Magnanimous Post Shave Cream, and Disappearing Post Shave Dew. For the man or woman on the move, the durable Dollar Shave Club traveller bag will also be available to purchase.
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