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Gladiators in Rome, intriguing.  Controlling your own Ludus to success, picking the best and building the best.  Currently in beta, we try out the latest patch.  Quick review highlighting our thoughts…..



Domina is an arena battler and political wrangling simulator. Players must buy/train/fight gladiators and manage political relationships to maximize opportunity (and thus victories) in the arena. Each gladiator can be trained for specific weapons and styles of combat while the player maintains an eye on resource allocation, training, upgrades, political tides, and maintaining a balance between short term and long term goals. The plot combines rogue-like elements that can help or hinder the evolution of the player’s ludus from obscurity to glamour and fame.


  • Each gladiator has unique abilities and native strengths that can be leveraged for maximum effectiveness in the arena.
  • Multiple types of arena battles, both fair and unfair, are determined by various characters whose favour you must win in order to get favourable rewards.
  • Hundreds of combinations of weapons and armaments to outfit your gladiators for varous types of battle and bloodshed.
  • A wide array of characters can be hired to manage tasks for you (ie: training, medical attention, repairing armaments, entertaining, etc) so you can focus on other areas of ludus development.
  • Immensely satisfying soundtrack by bignic




Building a Ludus of Champions



Think of it as training the Level 1 newbie into a champion, but with 15 guys. 

Upgrades are available in training, equipment and resources. Making the right decisions to improve the right person are important from when you get to the battles.





If you influence both the government member and the army member in your Ludus – you get good battles in your favour.  You focus truly on the gladiators and you may get a 1 on 5 fight – not in your favour.




It feels unfinished but it grabbed my attention enough to play for hours. The challenge of the game is complete it in one sitting with the save feature not enabled yet. 

At it current development, we give it a 2/5. At its current state its a good beta but not a complete game. Add saves and bigger campaign and we will increase our score. 

2 out of 5


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