Don’t Let Fashion Cause You Pain!


The fashion in recent years has made a definite move to acceptance of flat shoe styles, such as Ballet Flats which are now extremely popular.  However, without giving your feet the proper support, wearing shoes like this could lead a whole host of problems for your feet, ankles, knees and back.

Beverley Ashdown is a Podiatrist and explains a little more about this:

Ballet flats offer no cushioning or support from the hard unforgiving surfaces we walk on, which can lead to heel pain and plantar fasciitis. Flats also allow feet to roll, flattening the arches, taking the knees inwards with them. This changes the gait, increasing the risk of knee and back pain.”

It is not something we ever think of, Ballet Flats are comfortable and that is why most of us will chose to wear them, but when you look at just how much we walk, taking it a little more seriously becomes very important.  For an average person on an average day, they can take as many as 4,000 to 6,000 steps, which equates to a life time of steps equal to walking an incredible five time around the Earth!!!*

We spoke with Langer a while ago about feet and the technology they use in their Place Footwear, this time we are looking more in depth into how their new range of shoes can help reduce the risk of the problems outlined above, whilst still wearing flat shoes!


Using over 34 years experience and their Biomechanical Footbed Technology, BFTTM. Place Footwear creates every shoe to provide the utmost support for your feet and a comfortable fit! 

Place Strive footwear BFT™ technology can help relieve;


Back Pain

Ball of foot pain

Achilles tendinitis

Heel pain

Shin splints

Knee pain

Autumn Winter Range 2014



A stunning ballet flat with zig zag design, the Victoria is not just stylish but super comfy!

Available in patent and matt leather for £59.99


Isabella-Deep TealIsabella


The Isabella has a decidedly vintage appeal to it with the wooden button detailing.  Extremely comfortable and suitable for everyday wear!

It is available in Black, Teal and Navy for £59.99


Stella Deep Teal

The Stella is a much more distinctive looking shoe for those who want to make a statement, the double button fastening creating interesting detail!

Available in Black, Red, Teal, Black Patent for £59.99






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